Welcome to Brevard North Carolina

Transyvlania County Courthouse

Nestled in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina, Brevard is a charming Appalachian town that has something for everyone! With thousands of acres of national forests, hundreds of waterfalls and miles of hiking trails Brevard and the surrounding areas have long been a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. With Brevard College and the renowned Brevard Music Center, the musical and cultural life of Brevard is uniquely vibrant. The thriving Heart of Brevard downtown business community with its numerous shops and restaurants provides all the convenience of city living while maintaining the friendly and relaxed pace of small town life.

Land of the Waterfalls

Looking Glass Falls

Due to the unique geology of the area, Transylvania county has over 250 waterfalls. While many of these natural splendors can only be reached by strenuous hiking, many more are easily accessible.Looking Glass Falls is among the most well known and spectacular of these waterfalls. Visible from US Highway 276 less than 15 minutes from downtown Brevard, Looking Glass Falls is a 65 foot towering cascade located on Looking Glass Creek in the Pisgah National Forest.